Emma's Giant Prawn & Pork Dumplings

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These stunning handmade dumplings make for the perfect starter or light meal. Serve with soy, spring onion and toasted sesame seeds.

4 per serve

Cooking Instructions

Served pan fried or steamed. 

Pan fry - heat a small amount of oil in a pan, add dumplings and fry till golden over a medium heat. Add a splash of water and place a lid over the pan, steam for 6 to 8 minutes till cooked through.

Steam - 6 to 8 minutes over simmering water. *Spray bamboo steamer with oil before use to ensure dumplings don't stick.


Prawn, pork, coriander, ground ginger, mustard, pepper, spring onion, wheat flour, corn starch, salt, citric acid.

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