Italian Night Bundle - Duck, Tarragon & Kale Lasagna

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Staying at home this weekend has never been such a delicious proposition! 

This bundle is everything you need (well, not quite everything ... a fresh fennel and radicchio salad and a stunning bottle of Nebbiolo would make it perfect!) for a cosy weekend at home this weekend.

Serves 4 - 5

1 x 2kg Duck, Tarragon & Kale Lasagna
2 x Garlic Bread Loaves
2 x 400g Tiramisu


Paul's Italian Sausage Lasagna: Egg pasta (semolina flour, wheat flour, eggs, salt), duck, onion, carrot, kale, fennel seed, garlic, tomato, red wine, tarragon, thyme, sage, milk, flour, butter, parmesan, olive oil, bay leaf, salt, pepper, cloves.

Garlic Bread: Flour, water, yeast, oil, sugar, salt, garlic, butter, marjoram.

Tiramisu: Wheat flour, eggs, sugar, mascarpone, cream, cocoa powder, salt, baking soda, vanilla, coffee, marsala, milk chocolate.