A Nourished Week

Chefs on Wheels has teamed up with The Village Co. to provide struggling mothers and their families with a week's worth of chef-made frozen meals delivered to their door at the most crucial time of their parenting journey, when they bring their baby home from hospital.


As we all know, gifting a new mother a home cooked meal is the most helpful and heartwarming gift you can receive but the unfortunate reality for many new mothers is that they do not have the village of people around them who will or can do this for them.

We're aiming to gift 60 families with a week of ready to eat meals every month

Here's what impact that would make -

  • 60 families nourished and fed

  • 60 families not having to cook or buy meals for a week

  • 60 mothers are able to spend quality time with their newborn and families, establishing breastfeeding and recovering from childbirth.

  • 60 families experiencing generosity and kindness unlike ever before

  • 60 families knowing they are being thought of, cared about and valued as a worthy member of the community


Paul Baker with Stephanie Malan of The Village Co.

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