Our Story

Chefs and restauranteurs have an unwavering dedication their craft, working tirelessly to bring us incredible food experiences day-in, day-out. The hospitality industry is truly a labour of love - it’s a tough job for staff, and even more challenging for owners who have poured their heart and soul into their establishments and rely on them for their livelihoods.

Adelaide’s restaurants are suddenly becoming empty, which is the stuff of nightmares for many of these small business owners for whom things are already tight. As diners’ concerns over public health grow, our establishments are still open but many people feel unsafe or are not be able to visit as they normally would.

It’s critical that we support our food industry in any way we can during these challenging times and if we don’t act now, many of the restaurants we know and love won’t survive the next few months. The best solution is to keep them doing what they do best, and make sure they receive our support to keep everyone in the hospitality industry employed!

Chefs on Wheels features a growing collection of dishes from Adelaide’s favourite restaurants, chefs and food brands delivered directly to your home by staff that would normally be proudly serving you or working hard to manufacture your favourite products. If Adelaide’s chefs can’t feed you in their restaurants, let them feed you in your home!

These are definitely some crazy, uncertain times, but we feel passionate about connecting diners to their favourite restaurants and food businesses. We believe nothing should stop you enjoying food you love while still supporting your favourite Adelaide chefs and establishments!

▪ A multi-cultural collection of ready-made meals to heat and enjoy
▪ Specialised dishes prepared by some of Adelaide’s favourite chefs
▪ Family-friendly alternative to expensive and less ethical take away and delivery options
▪ Delivered fresh and refrigerated by staff of the businesses you are supporting