Gift Cards - Frequently Asked Questions:

How are gift cards delivered?
All of our gift cards are virtual and sent via email to the email address entered at the checkout. Most customers find it best to send the gift card to their own email address so they can forward it to the recipient or print a copy for them.

Do they expire?
No, our gift cards do not have an expiry date!

Does the entire value have to be used in one transaction?
No, any remaining value will stay on the gift card code and the same code can be used again at a later date.

Are they transferrable?
Yes, the unique code on each gift card is not tied to any specific account and can be used for any order.

Do I need to add a chiller box to the cart?
No, just the gift card is fine. Once the recipient redeems the card when placing an order, they can add a chiller box to that delivery.

Are there any other fees?
No, there are no additional fees in processing a gift card.

How can I check my remaining balance?
Send us a message at and we can check the balance for you.

I've lost my gift card, what can I do?
Check your order confirmation email and follow the link to access the gift card at any time, otherwise please get in touch at and we can resend it!

Anything else to keep in mind?
Just a couple of things - gift cards to not contribute to order value for shipping and discount purposes, and discounts are not applicable to gift card purchases.

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